Kingdom Come Deliverance 2?

Warhorse Announces New Game Reveal on X

Hints of a sequel to the beloved medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance have been dropped by Warhorse Studios. It is rumored that the new installment, possibly called Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, might take place in 1506, which would mark a significant leap from the original 15th-century setting, suggesting a new storyline and possibly a new protagonist linked to Henry, the hero of the first game

There has yet to be an official announcement, but various clues, including a financial report from the Embracer Group, which owns Warhorse Studios, have strongly indicated that development of the sequel is underway. This coincides with additional downloadable content for the first game and hints at a potential late 2025 release, aligning it with the holiday season​

With anticipation high, more details are expected to be shared by Warhorse Studios soon, particularly as traditional announcement events like E3 have been canceled, compelling studios to find alternative announcement methods​

Moreover, an image recently shared by Warhorse Studios on X suggests that a new game reveal is planned for next week on the 18th. Insider Tom Henderson has hinted that this reveal is likely to be the highly anticipated sequel to Kingdom Come​.

@WarHorseStudios on X (Twitter)

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