EA Play Subscription Sees Major Price Increase

In a move reflecting the evolving gaming market, Electronic Arts (EA) has updated the pricing model for its EA Play service, indicating a significant rise in costs for both its standard and premium subscriptions. According to a report from GamesIndustry.biz, starting from May 10, 2024, the annual fee for the standard EA Play subscription will escalate from £19.99 to £35.99, while the EA Play Pro tier will advance from £89.99 to £109.99

Introduced in 2020, EA Play consolidated the benefits of EA Access and Origin Access under one roof, offering members early access to new releases, a library of titles, and additional content bonuses. This pricing revision is the first of its kind since the service’s launch, aiming to align with the current economic landscape and adjustments in currency valuations.

EA’s strategy echoes similar pricing adjustments by other key figures in the gaming industry, such as Microsoft and Sony, who have recently recalibrated their subscription models. The increase is attributed to a need for alignment with market values and currency changes, ensuring the service remains sustainable and competitive.

This decision impacts new subscribers from May 2024 onwards, with existing members continuing under the old pricing until their current subscription period ends.

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