Super Mario Maker 1 Achieves 101% Completion as servers shut down.

The community (Team 0%) initially considers Super Mario Maker 1 to have been 100% cleared on March 15, 2024, the day that Yamada (aka “kazeihinn”) cleared The Last Dance. However, Sanyx91SMM2 took that as a challenge and with his 100s of hours of experience on the game. He set his sights on a level called Trimming the Herbs.

What is Trimming the Herbs?

Trimming the Herbs was a level created initially as a joke since it was deemed impossible to finish as the creator used a tool-assisted speedruns hardware to pass the check to make the level public. After 7 years Sanyx91SMM2 beat the level legitally and The team over at issmmbeatenyet decided to treat it as a secret final boss” of Super Mario Maker.

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