Project Apidom: Free-to-Play 3v3v3 RPG

Project Apidom

Free To Play RPG?

Step into the dynamic world of Project Apidom, a groundbreaking RPG adventure that’s completely free to play. This game uniquely combines crafting, character development, and thrilling 3v3v3 battles, both PvP and PvE, to provide an immersive experience. Moreover, players can align with one of three distinct factions: Tech, Brute, or Remains, each offering a unique gameplay style. Furthermore, developed on the robust Unity engine, Project Apidom features vibrant 3D art, ensuring each battle is as engaging as it is beautiful. Additionally, the game’s deep crafting system allows for significant item upgrades, enhancing the strategic element of play. For those interested in diving deeper into this captivating world, more information is available on the Project Apidom Website

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